Adding The Convenience Of Assisted Living To Your Own Home

Assisted living communities offer additional help for seniors who have trouble with daily living tasks, but for people who want to maintain a sense of independence, these communities may not be a favorite option. Fortunately, there are some modifications you can make to your own home that can help you with your daily living routine while maintaining your sense of independence. Here are just a few changes you can make to your home.


Chair lifts provide the assistance you need with getting into and out of a sitting position. You can purchase lifts that fit under your recliner or sofa seat, or you can purchase a recliner with a built-in lift. If your home has stairs you have difficulty with climbing, you can also add a stair lift to the home that lets you move up and down the stairs without walking. These lifts attach to your wall on tracks, and the lift moves up and down the track while you are seated securely. This option is ideal if your bedroom is upstairs. For more information on chair lifts, check with companies like American Mobility Co LLC.

Grab Bars

Grab bars can give you the stability you need to walk through your home. They can be placed in the bathroom along the bathtub and toilet, and they can also be added to your hallway to help you move from room to room. Grab bars can also come in handy in your bedroom when placed along the wall next to your bed, making it easier for you to get out of bed in the mornings.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs let you soak in a warm tub without the need to climb in and out. These tubs have doors that open, so you can step in and sit down. Once the door is closed, the tub can be filled with water. When your bath is complete, these tubs offer fast draining capabilities so you can exit at your convenience. If you aren't able to retrofit your bathroom with a new tub, you can recreate the convenience of a walk-in tub by using a bathtub transfer seat. These seats straddle the side of the tub so you can sit down and slide over into the tub. Be sure to add nonslip mats on the floor and in the tub for a bit of added safety.

With the right additions to your home, you can enhance your mobility and remain independent. If you need help with getting around the home and you aren't ready to commit to moving into an assisted living facility, consider these changes to your home. 

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