4 Ways You Can Serve Your Elderly Community

Many people are looking for opportunities to serve the community. Going to a nursing home or assisted living center and providing service there is a great way to give back to your community and bring joy to others. Here are some easy and fun ways to serve the elderly community.

1. Bring Music and Entertainment

One way that many people serve is to take music and fun to nursing homes. You can call the recreation department at any time and go in to provide a show, sing-a-longs, or any kind of art display. Many people bring in children to sing songs, instrumentalists to play music, drama clubs to perform scenes, or artists to show their work. These kinds of things give the residents of the those facilities a chance to enjoy local talent and art while also providing a chance for the performers to visit with the residents.

2. Decorate the Facility for the Holidays

Another easy way to serve the facility is to take in decorations for the holidays. You might decorate the residents' doors for Valentine's Day with homemade paper hearts. You could have young children make pictures, cards, crafts, and anything else to put on the walls and doors to bring cheer and joy to the residents.

3. Self-Care for the Residents

Another fun idea is to bring lotions, nail polish, and other supplies to give manicures and pedicures to the residents. Young women and girls usually enjoy doing this service. You can paint the fingernails and toenails of the female residents, and give hand massages and foot massages to all the residents, male and female.

In addition, doing this service allows youth and children to visit with the residents, which is one of the best services you can give to the elderly.

4. Reading with the Residents

Finally, you can go in and read to the residents. In some cases, you can simply ask if any individuals would like to read. You can visit with individuals or read to a group in the common area. You can bring your own books to read to them, or you can ask them if they have any materials that they would like read to them. Since many of the elderly residents aren't able to read as easily as they would like, having someone read to them can give company and entertainment.

To learn more about ways you can help your elderly community, talk to an assisted living facility near you.

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