Basic Answers For Medicaid Applicants

For individuals that struggle to afford their health care needs, it can be beneficial to apply for Medicaid benefits. However, individuals are often intimidated by the process of applying for these benefits, which can lead to them failing to take advantage of the support that Medicaid may be able to provide.

Why Would You Want To Consult With A Medicaid Specialist?

While the Medicaid bureaucracy and administrative rules can be extremely complicated, there are specialists that are able to help individuals to navigate this process. In addition to helping to determine their eligibility, these specialists can also educate potential applicants about the particular benefits and programs that may be of the most useful to them. The exact services that these professionals provide can vary, but they will generally act as an advisor and advocate for their clients. 

What Happens If Your Application Is Rejected By The Medicaid Administration?

Unfortunately, there can be instances where your application for these benefits may be rejected. Depending on the reason for the rejection, you may be able to overcome it by appealing the decision. One common reason for appealing is due to bureaucratic and form errors, such as the applicant's income being classified as higher than it is. 

The process of appealing a rejection extremely complicated, and you will want professional representation throughout this process to avoid having the appeal also be denied. In the event that your appeal is denied, you may be able to restart the application after a mandatory waiting period, but this will largely vary depending on the rules of the state where the applicant lives.

What Happens If You Move To Another State?

At some point in your life, you may have the need to move to another state. For those on Medicaid benefits, this can be a stressful process as they may be unsure as to what will happen with their benefits. Luckily, there are procedures in place to help individuals make this transition. When you find out that you will be moving to a new state, you should contact the Medicaid office to determine their transfer process. 

Many states will have dedicated personnel specifically for this task. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for Medicaid benefits in a new state when you are still receiving them from your old state. Minimizing the gap between coverage can be tricky, but Medicaid specialists will be able to help you time this process so that this gap is kept as small as possible.

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