Living In A Senior Assisted Living Center Could Help You Stay Healthier And Avoid Isolation As You Age

If you're in your senior years and you're starting to worry about living alone, consider moving to a senior assisted living center. You don't need to have a qualifying medical condition. However, if you take medications or have a chronic condition such as COPD, assisted living could make it easier to manage your health. Here's why moving to a senior assisted living center could be good for you.

You'll Have Your Own Apartment

Assisted living facilities are designed in different ways. However, you generally have your own private space. It's similar to living in an apartment building except you get additional attention and care. Having your private apartment could be important to you so you can maintain your independence and privacy. You may even be allowed to keep a small pet in your apartment for company.

Even though you'll have your own space, you won't have to invest a lot of work in maintaining it. Housekeeping services are provided by the facility so you don't have to worry about stretching, stooping, and lifting to keep your apartment clean.

You'll Have Help With Meals

Preparing meals is often challenging when you're a senior, especially when you live alone. You may not feel like cooking, or you may have arthritis in your hands and not be able to cook for yourself very well. When you live in an assisted living facility, your health doesn't have to suffer due to a poor diet.

You'll have access to three meals a day or whatever you agree to in your contract when you move in. The meals might be delivered to your room or you might dine in the cafeteria with others so you can enjoy company during meals. You may also have a refrigerator and microwave or stove in your apartment so you can fix meals and snacks when you feel like it.

You Can Probably Have Overnight Guests

Independent living includes the ability to have guests in your apartment, and that could include overnight guests. This allows your family to visit without you having to disrupt your schedule for medication and meals.

One of the goals of assisted living is to end isolation, so you'll be encouraged to maintain outside friendships and family visits. In addition, you'll be encouraged to make new friends at the facility and to participate in social activities so you never feel lonely.

Your Health Will Be Supervised

It's easy to forget medications when you live alone and you don't maintain a schedule for your activities of daily living. When you move into assisted living, you'll be supervised to make sure you keep up with personal hygiene and your medications.

You might also receive some medical treatments from the nurse depending on your health problems. By being consistent with your healthcare and maintaining good hygiene, your health will benefit and you might prevent complications that could arise from missing medications.  

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