When Is The Right Time For Assisted Living? 4 Signs To Watch Out For

Your aged parent or grandparent may have always been fiercely independent. But lately, you may have noticed some changes. They cannot keep up with their usual routine, forget things more often, and start to withdraw from social activities. It is tough to watch your parents struggle, and you may be wondering if they need assisted living services. Here are four signs you need to consider this option.

1. The Home Is a Mess

As your parent ages, their ability to take care of themselves and their home diminishes. It will be hard to trim their fence, vacuum the floor, do laundry, or wash dishes. So, if you note that their house is dirty and disarranged, you need no more convincing they need help. A messy home is a perfect recipe for trip and fall accidents. Given their body is not as strong as when it was a few years ago, a fall is the last thing you want to happen to them. Take them to an assisted home facility where they can live in a safe and clean environment without having to do the cleaning themselves.

2. Recent Falls

Assisted living may be the best option if your aged parent has recently fallen several times. Most seniors have mobility and balance issues. And your loved one's safety should be your primary concern. If they have fallen once or twice, they may fall again, and it could be more serious or even fatal this time. Do not take your chances with your parent's safety; put them in an assisted living facility with 24/7 supervision and care to ensure they are safe.

3. Aggression

If your senior loved one is exhibiting signs of aggression, you might want to consider assisted living. Aggression can be a sign of underlying health issues, such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia. It can also be a sign of frustration or anxiety or an indicator that they are not able to communicate their needs effectively. Assisted living facilities can provide personalized care and support your loved one needs to live and enjoy life. Even better, they will be able to interact with other seniors and engage in social activities, which could tremendously improve their condition.

4. Poor Personal Hygiene

If your mom or dad is no longer bathing regularly, grooming themselves, or keeping up with their appearance, you would want to start looking for a trustworthy assisted living facility. These facilities have friendly, compassionate, certified caregivers who can help your loved one shower, get dressed, and do various activities. Not only will this improve their appearance, but it will also prevent skin infections and breakdown.

If your parent or grandparent is approaching senior years, it would be best to monitor their behaviors. Are they showing any of the above signs? If yes, do not hesitate to enroll them in a reputable assisted living facility.

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